Know The Inside Of Gta 5 Online Mobile With Character Involved

Grand theft auto is one of the few games that is loved by almost everyone that is a fan of gaming. Below are some of the characters of GTA 5 online mobile that you surely want to know about.

  1. Trevor Philips

Who doesn’t know this guy? He is surely one of the fan favorites and hence you could call him the epitome of the game. If you are willing to play the game then do look out for him.

  1. Tommy Vercetti

Thomas Vercetti is one of the major characters as his storyline is one that affects a major part of the game.

  1. Niko Bellic

He is another protagonist in the game and he is one of the deepest characters in the game, he has his needs, desires, and problems. He is probably the character who doesn’t want a life of crime.

  1. Carl CJ Johnson

He is surely one of the classiest characters I the whole of the game’s gameplay and storyline. The character is a great help to his friends and holds the courage to deal with a plethora of enemies that are going to be coming in his way. He is ready to take revenge for his family and ready to kill anyone who comes in the way. You could say he is one hell of a gangster.

  1. Franklin Clinton

If you are a fan of the protagonist of the game then it is sure that you are going to fall in love with this one. He is like Trevor and Michael but he is far better than them if you see from a certain viewpoint. You are going to be a hell lot of satisfied by killing those who are going to come in your way as they have chosen the wrong side to serve. He is surely the loved badass.