Tips To Make Life Easier For English Learners

Are you an English teacher to a class of ESL (English as Second Language) students? Although a popular international language, yet English is not native to several countries. But, when one migrates abroad for study or job, s/he mostly needs to communicate in English. Thus, ESL students are increasingly taking English learning classes to polish their English skills. Those looking for fund support for higher education, may check out

Here is a brief on how to make life easier for English learners in your class.

Offer visual instructions

It would be better if you can explain and demonstrate the required contents for your teaching in visual modes. You can write them down on board. You can also create charts or pictorial cards to make things fun and easily understandable. Human brain responds better to visual information. A visual mode of explanation will make things to easier to grasp and remember.

Pin fill in the blanks sheets

You can make grammar/idiom fill in the blank sheets where students would be needed to write down the right answer in blank spaces. Now, if you ask these questions orally in class, your ESL students may feel apprehensive of answering them given the fear of being wrong. So, it’s better to pin up such sheets on the pinboard of your class. Set a deadline and then ask students to fill up the blanks whenever possible within the deadline. This way, students can answer without the fear of being known. After the deadline gets over, you can call out the right answers for your students to note them down.

Allow native language

Don’t forget, English is not the native language for your ESL students. So, they won’t be able to speak fluent English initially. Allow them the leeway to speak in their native if they are not being able to express something clearly in English. Once you get what they wish to convey, you can translate the same in English to help them enhance their vocabulary.