Planning To Get A New Phone? Count On Android

Are you about to get a new smartphone? Well, whenever it comes to buying a new phone, smartphone users are always in a dilemma on whether to choose between an Apple or Android model. While Apple phones are no doubt great, Android smartphones are more economical and promise more benefits. Let’s look at the prime advantages of an Android smartphone.

Versatile models and price range

Android certainly commands a broader market when it comes to options in smartphone choices and price ranges. In other words, there is always an Android smartphone for just everybody. But with Apple, you are limited both in terms of options in phone models and price ranges.

Universal charging facility

If you go for an Apple phone, you will have to get the company’s Lightning Connector to charge it always. You can’t charge an Apple phone with any other charger. What if you forget to bring your Apple charger while having a night out at your friend’s place who doesn’t use an iPhone? Now, that would mean serious trouble. But you don’t have to face such woes with Android phones. An Android phone can be easily charged with the charger of another Android from different company.

Bustling app store

The Google Play Store represents the largest marketplace for smartphone apps today. Currently, bustling 3.6 million apps, the android app store is packed with a diverse and huge range of apps to choose from for Android users.

More places for apps

Android apps are not only restricted to Google Play Store. There are many other platforms online from where you can easily get an Android app.

Removable battery

Android smartphones usually assure easily removable battery. This way, if there is something wrong with the battery, you won’t need to get a new phone altogether. All you will have to do is to get a suitable replacement battery.