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Should You Get An Online Or Downloadable PDF Converter?

Pdf converters are really useful. They can convert any pdf file to other file formats and vice versa. They’re widely used in an office or school setting but are also popularly used for personal reasons.

There are many pdf converters out there. A few are online converters and downloadable ones. There is a big difference between the two. If you’re wondering which converter to have, check out our comparisons below.

Downloadable PDF Converter

Downloadable pdf converters work like software. You download it from a source, install the program on your device or computer, and use it anytime as long as you have your device with you. There aren’t any waiting times, except of course if the file size is too big then you might have to wait a few minutes for the converting process to finish.

Pdf converters like these also have a lot of file format options to choose from. Some programs also allow customization such as compressing file sizes, rotating documents, and even splitting pdf files and other documents into two. It’s like getting a whole software converter package with downloadable programs.

The only cons downloadable converters have is that they come with a price.

Online PDF Converter

An online pdf converter says it all. It’s available online so you don’t need to download the software. There’s no installation process which is preferred by many since they don’t want to clutter up their devices by adding another program that can be found online.

Online pdf converters are so simple as well. Use convert jpg to pdf online free in addition to this simple tool.

The only big downside here when using online converters is that you need to be hooked up to the internet when you need a file converted. It’s also a problem when you have a slow internet connection. Whereas downloadable pdf converters have no waiting time, online converters do wherein their speed conversion depends on how long it will take for you to upload your file.

Online pdf converters are also basic. Most of them don’t have the whole package that includes special features.

In the end, it depends on which one you prefer. But it’s important to note that both are just as useful as the other.