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Step-By-Step Guidelines In Creating The Best Easter Gift Basket

Giving out gift baskets is one of the many traditions during the Easter holidays. Usually, one can just walk in on any story and get a pre-arranged Easter gift basket, or try to purchase on from an online gift market https://www.giftmarket.com.sg/. However, there is a something more special if a gift basket was made from scratch. It just adds a personal touch to it that will make it all the more likely to be appreciated.

Unfortunately, arranging a gift basket from scratch is a daunting task, especially to those who are not gifted in arts and crafts. Arranging an Easter gift basket, from choosing the contents to the overall presentation, is a daunting task for most people. Fortunately, help is easy to find. We’ve listed down a step-by-step guide to arrange and make the perfect Easter gift basket that everyone will surely enjoy.

Plan the layers from top down

In planning a gift basket, presentation is crucial. All elements should blend together harmoniously to convey a perfect representation of Easter holidays. The first thing you need to consider is the top focal point. Place an iconic Easter symbol on top of the gift basket like a chocolate bunny to jumpstart your special Easter gift basket. After the top point, slowly make your way down and fill every layers with elements that shout out Easter celebration, like sweets and homemade items and snacks.

Fill up every empty space

Chances are, even if you stuff your basket with all the Easterly treats you can think of, there will be empty spaces in between. Leaving out those spaces will create a perception of an incomplete gift basket. Fill those spaces out with bubble wrap, floral paper strips or even shredded news paper to give your gift basket a more complete feel.

Secure the contents with a fancy tape

In transporting a gift basket, with all its treats and snacks, careful handling must be taken to prevent all the contents from getting all haywire and making a mess. To make your Easter gift basket sturdier, secure it down with a tape. Most people would prefer using a clear tape to make it subtle, but using fancy printed tapes to add flair to the gift basket might be a good idea too. Just make sure you tape it up in a systematic and organized manner.

Insert homemade and personal items in the basket

Filling your East gift basket with sumptuous treats and snacks will surely be a hit for your guests, friends and family. However, it will be more appreciated if you included a few personal and homemade items in the basket. Make your Easter gift basket more personal with these items and take gift basket-giving to whole different level.

Lastly, it’s important to have fun

            Though gift basket making can be quite daunting and stressful, with the right mindset and proper guidance, it can be an exciting activity to do in preparation for the festive Easter holiday. During the process of making and arranging an Easter gift basket, while the style, design and content is important, never lose sight of the reason why you’re making it in the first place. Have fun and create the best gift basket for Easter for your friends and family.