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How To Grill Chicken On A Gas Grill

Chicken is one of the hardest food to grill and yet, when properly done, it is also one of the most delicious meal you can eat, and serve for your loved ones. Preparing and cooking chicken can be quite challenging at first, but following the right process and considering the right factors in grilling it will allow you to have a delicious and mouth watering food for your family. That said, it is necessary that you invest in quality poultry parts. Regardless how good you are at cooking and grilling, if the quality of the chicken is not fresh, your effort will be useless. Hence, that is the first thing that you should consider, choosing fresh chicken. Secondly, the result of your grilled chicken will also depend on your gas griller. Thus you should be able to avail and use quality gas grills under 500 dollars to ensure the good taste of your chicken. Lastly, as mentioned, you should follow the right procedures in preparing your grilled chicken. To help you do this, here’s how to grill chicken on a gas grill.

Step One

Do not close the lid on your grill. This will allow you to tender the quality of your chicken.

Step Two

Use the appropriate heat on your gas grill. Usually, chicken breasts are cooked on medium to high heat, which is usually 425 degrees fahrenheight. Each side of chicken should be grilled in about 5 – 7 minutes.

Step three

Be careful of the hot spots of the grill to avoid over cooked and uneven cooked parts of your chicken. So it is necessary to frequently turn the chicken to evenly cook both sides.

Step Four

Manage the temperature. It is advisable to set a part of your grill on a low temperature so you can put your chicken on it when becoming overcooked.