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Top Soccer Drills For Your Kid Players

Are you going to coach young football players for the first time? Now, drills are a very important part of any soccer training as these help to prepare them for the match. As a first-time coach, you must be looking for ideas on best drills for kids. No worries, the post below shares some tips on top soccer drills for young players.

Tri-skills drill

This drill is meant to teach players to dribble & run fast. You will create a little triangle with cones. Then, the entire team of players will be divided into 2 groups. One player from the first group will enter center of that triangle as well as perform a dribble. As he gets out of the triangle, he should take a quick turn with ball and face the very triangle. Every player will have to do this for around 20-30 seconds at a stretch.

Inside hook

This drill teaches players to use inside of foot for turning and after that utilizing outside foot for getting away from defenders. When the player gears up to take turn, he shortens in stride and decelerates. Then, in 2 touches, he turns as well as moves away right in opposite direction.

Shoulder drop

This skill is excellent for creating a strong shield while approaching defenders. When a player will approach a defender, he would step out with his outside foot on side and drop his shoulder. This is to pretend that he is going to take up the ball. After that, he will actually take up the ball with outside of opposite foot- while pushing off straight in opposite direction, moving away from defender.

Apart from these physical drills, you should also focus on increasing alertness, focus and strategic thinking in kids. These could be done by teaching them games that involve such cognitive functions like PokerQQ. It would be a refreshing break from their strenuous physical routine as well.