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How To Convert Video For Android

Android phones are dominating the whole world and what’s good with it is that it allows you to access free music and videos, unlike iOS. People most commonly watch videos through their Android device because it saves them time from starting up their laptop or computer, and sometimes it much more convenient because it is a hand-carry device.

Video conversion for Android is easy sometimes you can find an application on play store that can online convert your video for free you just need to install it on your phone and do as how it instructs you, but here is a simple guide to online conversion for first-timers.

  1. Download and Install

If you are a first timer and you have a privacy concern or you want to prevent installing random applications on your phone that may consume its built-in storage, then you need to prepare your laptop or computer. Download and install AVS Converter or YTD Converter.

  1. Pick the Video

After the installation, pick the video you want to convert from your file folder. If the file is not yet on your laptop or computer, take the time to transfer or download them first. For downloading you can also use the YTD application to download videos from YouTube. Then go back to importing the file into your converter.

  1. Choose the format and file destination

After picking the file you want to convert the application will then ask you to pick the format you want it to be converted to. Then they will allow you to choose the destination of your file for you to find it easier. But most of the times it is saved automatically to your download folder.

  1. Transfer to your device

After the conversion, you can go to the file destination and copy it from your computer to your Android device through a cable.