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Reference and Education

  • Personal Grants: What Are They And Where To Use Them

    By Carlo on June 26, 2019
    People are aware of housing grants. They’re aware of educational grants and health grants too. But some are still quite confused as to what personal grants are. What do they cover? Where can you use them? Personal grants act just like the grants you’re used to. They can function as health grants, educational grants and housing grants. This article will […]
  • User Manual Templates – How They Help Improve User Experience?

    By Carlo on May 16, 2019
    Any user manual or technical guide must contain information on how to use the product which it is accompanying. The major aim of the manual will be to do that, but it also has other uses like things to do and not to do with the product, its limitations and other additional information. Any manual must contain both conceptual and […]
  • Tips To Make Life Easier For English Learners

    By Carlo on May 10, 2019
    Are you an English teacher to a class of ESL (English as Second Language) students? Although a popular international language, yet English is not native to several countries. But, when one migrates abroad for study or job, s/he mostly needs to communicate in English. Thus, ESL students are increasingly taking English learning classes to polish their English skills. Those looking […]