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Top Champions in MCOC

The Champions are the heart and soul of Marvel Contest of Champions. But who is the best of all? New players who have just started the game often have the same question. Now, all these champs are super powerful with their own unique prowess. In that light, it’s really a challenge to pin-point one particular name. Thus, the post below offers a list on the topmost champions of MCOC.


A 4 star champ, she has her shock waves and sting to slay the opponents like a boss. And, of course, her kicks are simply out of the world! Even if you get 5 star champs, this 4 star warrior will still be close to your heart.


Talk about inhuman power and you have Hulk for you. There are no two ways about it. What players especially love about him is his brilliant timing for special attacks. With his perfect blocks as well as special attacks, Hulk is always a favorite champ of the MCOC players.


When it comes to powerful endurance, Punisher is certainly a one-man show. Wait till his health goes to 1% and then you will see some real endurance in action.


If you are a fan of special attacks in the game, count on this champion. Hyperion’s superior persistent charge will allow the player to throw several special attacks and achieve a strong foothold in the game.


Nebula stands out with her insane regeneration power. This champ can regenerate almost 90 percent of health.

It’s to note here, you will need units to upgrade to higher-tier champions. Units are game currencies that can be bought. But, if you want them for free, you can try marvel contest of champions hack tool. These are software programs that will enable you to generate units free of cost.